My Vision For Meaford:

The Municipality of Meaford is on the cusp of a pivotal developmental boom, and the choices we make now will set the tone for the future of our community. We need a diverse and astute Council that can make decisions for a stronger, smarter Meaford.

My vision is to create cohesion between the public and the municipal government through proactive communication, intelligent planning, and supporting policies that are in the best interest of our community.

What Meaford Needs:

  • A definitive vision that sets the standards for new developments
  • Policies for smart, carefully planned growth compatible with our current infrastructure and small-town appeal
  • A Council that will fight to protect our environment and natural resources
  • Preservation of our community’s rich and diverse history
  • Upheld standards for our Heritage Conservation District and more
  • Increased amenities for our community’s most vulnerable demographics
  • Increased vibrancy of our downtown core to attract more retail growth
  • Systems in place to ensure Meaford’s less-dense districts like Annan, Leith, and Bognor receive equal support
  • Promotion of Meaford as a place to work, live, and play
  • Regulation of short-term rental properties to improve long term rental inventory
  • Attainable housing
  • Support for the growth of our essential agriculture and tourism industries
  • Services and amenities that make Meaford a family-friendly community
  • Bolstering Meaford’s pet-friendly status through appropriate pet amenities
  • Modernization of outdated processes to improve efficiency
  • Continued support of Meaford’s arts and culture programming  

Meaford is a world-class place to work, live, and play. 

Whether it is our abundance of nature and wildlife, access to one of the most complex freshwater ecosystems in the world, or hosting some of the province’s most innovative businesses, quality of life in Meaford is absolutely enviable.

But that can all quickly change if we do not have the right people in place. 

Together, we can grow our community in a way that enhances our way of living, while preserving everything that makes Meaford an exceptional place to call home.

I would love to sit down with you to talk, in person or on the phone, about any of the issues affecting yourself and our community.

Thank you for choosing to vote for me at the polls in October.

Small business owner | Meaford resident

Accomplished business professional | Father of three